Collier's Concierge
Wine Education – Educating Your Palate

There are so many different ways to learn about wine. We have many classes at the wine shop for all different levels, but sometimes it is more fun to learn about wine in your own environment.

We have taught at business functions to promote "bonding". We can come to your office or any location and walk you through grapes, countries, tasting, and specific vineyards. We can teach how to order off a wine list, especially important for new executives!

Collier's has taught at big charity events. We bring different wines (often paired with the food that is being served) and pour for the guests. For a lot of these events there is less formality and we stand behind a table answering any questions the guests have. We let the wine stir the conversation.

Collier's loves in-home wine tasting; you tell us what you want to learn. If you are having an Italian night we can pick all Italian grapes and take you on a tour of Italy. We can speak throughout the evening, create fun games that get the guests talking, run a blind tasting or just stand by and pour always at the ready to answer any questions. Collier's makes it our mission to make your event perfect, no matter what type it is! Wine should be an experience, not just a beverage. We will find the perfect way for you, and your guests, to share your experience (and learn a little something).

Wine Educator: Kristin Collier Van Riper

My love of wine started early so it is a good thing I was born into the right family! I did not start off loving Barolos and Burgundys, I started much like everyone else, tasting my way through things I liked. There were many times my family would have wine with dinner and I would turn my nose up, opting for water. Over the years, as I learned more, my palate grew. I learned about the different flavors and intricacies in the bottle.

After college I went into the wine world. I worked for Lauber Imports in Philadelphia. I sold boutiques wines to the restaurants. I started with five accounts and over my first year grew my business 548%. When I left Lauber I had 78 active accounts, some of them the best in Philly. With Lauber came my passion for food and wine. I worked with the best chefs in the city, planning wine dinners and learning how to cook. It was also during those years that I began teaching the classes at the wine shop. I have been teaching now for nine years. This year I will also be a guest columnist for County Lines Magazine as their wine writer.

Working with Lauber also sparked my interest in wine travel. In the last decade I have traveled and tasted through the wine regions in France, Italy, Spain, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and the United States as well! I love to blend my passion for wine, culture, food and relaxation to make the perfect vacation!

Now I want to bring all I have learned to you with the start of Collier's Concierge.